Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shortened URLs: The New Keywords

Do you remember that whenever you’d see a commercial, at the end it would say, “Keyword: {insert name of company here}”? Well, those have died down but really they have been brought back to life by micro-blogging services like Twitter. Why? Because people needed shortened URLs to be able to fit them into a tweet. Sounds just like keywords right? Now if SACGS had keywords, which it doesn’t, it wouldn’t say Keyword: SACGS, it would say See anything similar? I think that these keywords didn’t die, they were just replaced. Now if everyone agreed on one service, we could have browser integration and it would be keywords all over again. Now take some time and think about that. And let me know what you think at 

Natedog, President of the Super Awesome Computer Geek Squad

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