Monday, March 9, 2009

What I Use: Part 1 - Software

Hey, Mister IQ here to introduce a new segment here at SACGS called “What I Use”.  This will be a 3 part series consisting of what software I use, the hardware I use, and the websites I use. Today, I will be talking about software and I will be talking about the other topics later in the month. Then, in April and May, I will be reviewing all of these picks.  Let’s get started!

Operating System:  Microsoft Windows 7 Beta Ultimate
Web Browser:  Mozilla Firefox(main browser)(Windows, Mac, and Linux) and Google Chrome(for blog purposes)(Windows only)
Instant Messenger:  Pidgin(Windows, Mac, and Linux)
Twitter Application:  blu (Windows Vista and 7 only)
Media Player: 
Apple iTunes(Windows and Mac) and VLC Media Player(Windows, Mac, and Linux)
Image Editor:  The GIMP(Windows, Mac, and Linux)
Basic Image Editing:  Microsoft Office Picture Manager(Windows only)(included in all versions of MS Office 2003 and higher)
Photo Organization:  Google Picasa 3(Windows only, Mac and Linux in beta)
Blog Editor:  Microsoft Windows Live Writer(Windows only)
Audio Editor:  Audacity(Windows, Mac, and Linux)
Video Screen Capture:  CamStudio (Windows only)
Internet Security:  COMODO Internet Security (Windows only)
CD Burner:  InfraRecorder (Windows only)
Rich Text Editor:  Jarte (Windows only)
Office Suite:  Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (Windows only)
Virtual Machines:  VirtualBox (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Wow, I have a bunch to review over the next few months.

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